Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wanted: 20 like-minded men for a serious commitment

I'm pledging to take action against all-male political panels in Scotland. Will you join me?

The updated wording in the pledge above takes into account the very helpful feedback after I posted my initial pledge last month. I hope the new wording and explanation means it can be more widely adopted.

For background, please see previous blogs here and here. Thanks!


  1. Why only if 20 others will sign this? Do you often have to wait until 20 of your mates say they'll do something before you do it? This sentiment would have a lot more power if you were already committing to it without peer support...or even in the face of adversity.

    1. Hi, anonymous critic.

      This is how the pledgebank site works. There is no other way to set up a pledge on that site. It's designed to encourage shared action.

      But thanks for just doling out ignorant criticism to someone trying to make a difference without finding out the facts. I really appreciate it.