Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Johann picks the right team

A very brief post to welcome the election of Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar as the first leadership team of the newly devolved Scottish Labour Party, and to congratulate Johann on picking a Holyrood shadow team which is genuinely a cause for optimism as we unite to champion Labour values in devolved Scotland.

Of particular interest to me are the appointments of Kezia Dugdale as Shadow Minister for Youth Employment, Drew Smith as Shadow Minister for Social Justice and Jenny Marra as Shadow Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs. Among the best and brightest of the 2011 intake, they will now be at the heart of some of the key portfolios in Labour's shadow team, and they represent a new generation of Labour ideas.

They are also all active on Twitter and other social media, and are flying the flag for the open, inclusive politics to which our party and our country should aspire. The combination of experience and new thinking which makes up our new shadow cabinet genuinely does make me excited for the future of Scottish Labour.


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  2. Sorry Duncan Macniven, but that was just an angry rant. Get your own blog if you want to post those.

  3. Facts equals nonsense and an opinion is classed as a rant in the Labour ranks sums up how their minds work.

    The party found itself staring into the abyss - but under Johann Lamont it can take a big step forward.

    Its only those in the Labour hierarchy in Scotland believe that you are now a devolved entity from the right wing element of the London leaders.

    No numbers yet for actual voters in your bizarre take on democracy which Zimbabwe would be proud.

    Reform Scotland has a recent poll out with some interesting numbers I believe the times are certainly changing.

  4. As you have now moderated this coment out from LH I will repost it here.
    Continuing Labour lies taking figures from 2005/6 when Andy Kerr was in charge. By your dogged defence of the Labour lies says more about your own lack of integrity to criticise anyone else’s.

  5. Welcome to Straight Statistics

    We are a campaign established by journalists and statisticians to improve the understanding and use of statistics by government, politicians, companies, advertisers and the mass media. By exposing bad practice and rewarding good, we aim to restore public confidence in statistics.

    Superbug data trip up Scottish Labour

    When is Labour going to apologise for misleading the Scottish public?

  6. hey mate, hope you don't mind this share.

    I laid out a few lines about how I switched from UK Unionist to Scotish Nationalist, I'd hope you might be keen to read it. Annabel Goldie did and we had a very good chat about it.

    I know Labour and Tory are very different but on this topic they both support the UK entire.

    Scottish Independence and the reasons a UK Unionist changed his mind